Why work in the hospitality industry

Caution: Long read.

Just like any kind of work, there’s always a room for growth.

This is just the beginning.

2017 Catering Function, Bermuda

I do believe that you know somebody in your inner circle of family or friends who works in the hospitality industry, mainly in the food and beverage sector.

Just like any other jobs, nurses, policemen, fire fighters, there’s always that space, to grow.

Every industry, department, government or private entities, there is always that vacant position. From clerical jobs, to admin and the head or Director.

Would you now, consider to work in the hospitality industry?

Travel when and where you can. This is only one perk that comes with, in working in the hospitality industry.

Earning for a living.

Truth hurts as it is, until you decide to open your own business. With all the jobs available out there, jobs in the hospitality, is one of the jobs that you can earn a good sum of money when you work hard and smart.

Stressed because you don’t have the experience? Don’t be. There’s only one thing that you have to bring.


No matter how experienced you are in the field, or trying to impress the interviewer, it always leave to how you project yourself.

Piece of advise, work in the industry for just two years and move on or create your business whenever you are ready.

You can easily switch jobs even without experience if you have the courage to absorb and dedicate yourself to the work at hand.

Be confident, and things will be in place.

What’s the future for the hospitality?

I’m glad you ask. Well, to tell you honestly, the answer is also a question. What do you want to achieve in life?

With or without the pandemic, working staff in the industry are unsung heroes as a front liners. We make sacrifices to work on holidays, and miss important days of our love ones lives to serve others.

You see, some people struggle because they are programmed differently. If you have a goal. It is easier to achieve any thing you want in life than you can imagine.

Don’t fight to fit in when you know that things aren’t working.

The first 3 days of training will determine if you are good or not to the job. Every new company you work with gives a training, this is your chance to prove yourself.

Starting a job without experience is a test ground for companies. Some newly hired staff excel but most don’t and that’s the difference.

So, what is the future in the hospitality industry? Having a first hand experience, from the bottom up, I would say, it opens opportunity and possibilities. One day, you will be amazed and find yourself so eager to move out from the working force and just to start your own. It is never been a bad thing. When you fail, gather yourself, and move on.

One good thing working in a company regardless of size and service, you can always ask if you can work in other departments, because as a trainee, most companies gives a chance where you could fit in to help out.

If you are thinking twice, reach out and let me clarify some myths you might have read or heard on things about working in the hospitality industry is.

Shoot me an email here, or leave a comment below.

For now, grab a drink, might be a coffee or beer, sit down and enjoy.

Oh, by the way, don’t let one time opportunity pass by.


Your business partner,

Denver Balanag

Server, Cook, Delivery driver, dishwasher, Supervisor, and Manager

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